Rhyme of Colors

ARTIST: Jack Tia Kee Woon

The artist is very innovative with his acrylic medium. His artworks bring out the vibrancy of acrylic medium while not losing the freshness and transparency of traditional watercolor. His choice of colors and delicate execution of the medium make his approach very suitable for complex landscape subject matters. Building from his strong design concepts, Jack loves to work with a square instead of a rectangular format. The square, being a contemporary scale, transforms classical subjects like Singapore streets, heritage buildings, Chinatown, and Singapore river into their fresh new look. He reinvents water media and his media reinvents Singapore landscapes.

Shop Houses Joo Chiat
Jack Tia Kee Woon
Shop Houses
80cm by 80cm (framed)
Acrylic on Paper

The artist depicts the mood of the night without losing any of the vibrancy of chromatic colors. He carefully applies a wide range of transitional colors to connect all the vastly different chromatic hues to arrive at unity and harmony without losing the dynamics of the night. The human activities have added new dimensions to the story of the night.
Singapore River Boat Quay
Jack Tia Kee Woon
Clarke Quay
80cm by 80 cm (framed)
Acrylic on paper

The contemporary colors work hand in hand with the square format. The artist loves to challenge the square format composition. He thinks that matches perfectly with his contemporary use of colors. He pushes the chroma of colors towards the extreme ends of the color space. His excellent command of design allows him to juggle between vastly different chromatic hues. The chromatic colors bring the strongest visual impact on the audience while the artist is able to beautifully relate all these strongly repelling chromatic hues. The design abstraction hides beneath his chosen subject matters.

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