Rhyme of Colors

ARTIST: Ng Woon Lam NWS AWS-DF (Assoc. Prof.)

Ng Woon Lam's artwork is filled with affection and dynamics, carrying an endless flow of energy and his robust passion for art. His approach to painting is largely expressive, since his aim is to capture impulse, imagination thereby presenting his subject matters, reflecting his personal visual sensitivity rather than depicting exactness. He depicts the artistic landscape using his studies on color, shape, and design. He is fascinated by using assertive brushwork to add excitement to the surface. Taking advantage of his calligraphic capacity, he exerts his brushwork to selectively reinvent his imagery thereby delusively subliming viewers' experience towards a new visual height. The visual resonance arises when the viewers are led by his sophisticated design experience. The artist reinvented visual dimensions. Woon Lam composes his paintings through the concept of positive and negative coupling. His choice of shapes, colors, and tonal planning serves as the foundation of his compositional process. He skillfully uses visual paths and tension between visual elements to lead the viewers through his compositions, establishing dynamics with shapes and colors.

He is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society (AWS), having won two bronze medals, was conferred with the Dolphin Fellowship (AWS DF) in 2014. He is currently a tenured Associate Professor of Art at the school of art, design and media (ADM), NTU, Singapore.

Sungei Road Flea Market
Ng Woon Lam
Sungei Road
11 by 15 in (framed 45cm x 55cm)
Watercolor on Paper

The artist has completely transformed the nostalgic Sungei Road flea market into a contemporary and dynamic visual space with his design balance of chromatic hues. The brushwork at first glance may look accidental. Carefully investigation of his choice of marks, their direction, size, and depicted strength, the brilliance of his choice surfaces instantly. Woon Lam is the Singapore master of watercolor who is able to organically combine the simplicity of Chinese calligraphy and the sophistication of western color theory both practically and theoretically.
Singapore River Boat Quay
Ng Woon Lam
Singapore River Boat Quay
100 by 120 cm (Unframed)
Oil on Linen

The artist uses the Impressionistic colors to bring out the joyful sunshine day of the Singapore River. The heritage shophouses contrast the skyscrapers in the background. His brilliant choice of transitional colors keeps the richness of the heritage shophouses while maintaining the visual harmony of this large scale oil painting. The abstraction of the geometrical patterns of the skyscrapers and the shophouses guides the viewers through the space creating a sense of visual depth. The lonely tongkang boat breaks the silence of the river, forming a sense of direction to route the audience towards the right side of the composition, while the reflections bring the audience back to the vibrant shophouses. It is an endless visual journey for the audience to enjoy the subtlety of the design and colors.
Singapore River Boat Quay
Ng Woon Lam
Clarke Quay Impression
71cm by 91 cm (Framed 90cm X 120cm)
Acrylic on Linen

In this painting, the artist applies the old-master concept of optical color mixing. However, he expands this concept with his scheme of contemporary colors. He composes the image with various semi-abstract forms to allow him to have the freedom to play with patterns, textures, and space abstraction. Carefully inspection, the audience will appreciate the subtlety and richness of many transitional colors through his brilliant optical color mixing process.

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