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Slowing Down in Georgetown
28 by 38 cm
Watercolor on Paper

At Li Fine Art Gallery Singapore, our goal is to assist fine art collectors in the acquisition of collectible artworks by 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation Singapore local artists. We focus on Nanyang style paintings including oils and watercolor. We accept consignments, commissions and provide art service to collectors, corporates, designers and architects.

Come visit our gallery to see the world through the eyes of our artists. Our art adviser is most willing to share his knowledge on fine art with you.. Whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned collector, Li Fine Art Gallery looks forward to sharing our carefully chosen inventory with you.

Lee Man Fong 李曼峰 Chen Wen Hsi 陈文希
Ong Kim Seng 王金成 Choo Keng Kwang 朱庆光
Leng Joon Wong 凌运凰 Lim Cheng Hoe 林清河
Gog Sing Hooi 吴承惠 Tan Choh Tee 陈楚智
Chieu Shuey Fook 丘瑞福 Wan Soon Kam 王春鑫
Tong Chin Sye 童振狮 Teng Nee Cheong 邓尔昌
Chew Piak San 周壁珊 Ang Ah Tee 洪亚弟
Koeh Sia Yong 许锡勇 Tia Kee Woon 易其文
Wee Shoo Leong 王树良 Khor Ean Ghee 许延义
Lok Kerk Hwang 骆克璜 Zhu Hong 朱宏
Ng Woon Lam 黄运南